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Brave Browser is one of the best alternatives to classic browsers that you can find online. If you want to visit all of your favorite websites without having to view ads or other commercials, try this tool. Plus, it limits factors that track your session and keeps your information from circulating the web.

The Brave Browser interface is very simple, and its design makes for a distraction and complication-free browsing experience without elements that crowd websites. Open any website by typing your search in the address bar with this app since it uses Google as a search engine. With Brave Browser, you can create bookmarks for quick access to your favorites. Also, decide whether to view your favorites at the top part of the screen or hide them. This browser also gives you access to an adblocker. Simply click on the adblocker icon to access the record. By doing this, you can view a complete registry of the ads blocked during your session in real-time. Unblock elements that you want to see and then reblock them at your convenience, with just one click.

Brave Browser also has its own cryptocurrency payment system that even allows you to pay ad companies to get rid of ‘harmless ads.'

There’s no doubt that Brave Browser is a great option if you want to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. This browser’s user-friendly interface lets you surf the web without having to worry about getting interrupted by intrusive advertising campaigns.
Link Bubble is now Brave Browser and has added ad-block

We only ever had good things to say about Link Bubble, a browser that loads external links accessed from your apps in the background, saving you a few valuable seconds of transition time. A few months ago the studio was acquired by Brave Software, and now the app has been relaunched with a new name and additions such as an integrated ad-blocker.
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